fiv is a slightly unconventional, general-purpose image browser and viewer for Linux (that said, macOS and Windows ports are possible).

Screenshot of both the browser and the viewer

See the accompanying article for some context.


  • Uses a compact thumbnail view, helping you browse collections comfortably.

  • Supports BMP, (A)PNG, GIF, TGA, JPEG, WebP directly, plus optionally raw photos, HEIC, AVIF, SVG, X11 cursors and TIFF, or whatever your gdk-pixbuf modules manage to load.

  • Employs high-performance file format libraries: Wuffs and libjpeg-turbo.

  • Makes use of 30-bit X.org visuals, whenever it’s possible and appropriate.

  • Has a notion of pages, and tries to load all included content within files.

  • Can keep the zoom and position when browsing, to help with comparing zoomed-in images.

Explicit non-goals

  • Editing—​that’s what editors are for, be it GIMP or Rawtherapee; nothing beyond the most basic of adjustments is desired.

  • Following the latest GNOME HIG to the letter—​header bars are deliberately avoided, for their general user hostility.

  • Memory efficiency is secondary to both performance and development effort.


Show colours as accurately as hardware allows. Open everything. Be fast. Not necessarily in this order.


Regular releases are sporadic. git master should be stable enough. You can get a package with the latest development version from Archlinux’s AUR.

Building and Running

Build-only dependencies: Meson, pkg-config, asciidoctor or asciidoc (recommended but optional)
Runtime dependencies: gtk+-3.0, glib>=2.64, pixman-1, shared-mime-info, libturbojpeg, libwebp
Optional dependencies: lcms2, LibRaw, librsvg-2.0, xcursor, libheif, libtiff, ExifTool, resvg (unstable API, needs to be requested explicitly)

$ git clone --recursive https://git.janouch.name/p/fiv.git
$ meson builddir
$ cd builddir
$ meson compile

Considering the vast amount of dynamically-linked dependencies, do not attempt direct installations via ninja install. To test the program:

$ meson devenv fiv

The lossless JPEG cropper is intended to be invoked from a context menu.


fiv can be cross-compiled for Windows, provided that you install a bunch of dependencies listed at the beginning of msys2-cross-configure.sh, plus rsvg-convert from librsvg2, and icotool from icoutils. Beware that the build will take up about a gigabyte of disk space.

$ sh -e msys2-cross-configure.sh builddir
$ meson install -C builddir

If everything succeeds, you will find a portable build of the application in the builddir/package subdirectory. Keep your expectations low.


For information concerning usage, refer to the user guide, which can be invoked from within the program by pressing F1.

Contributing and Support

Use https://git.janouch.name/p/fiv to report any bugs, request features, or submit pull requests. git send-email is tolerated. If you want to discuss the project, feel free to join me at ircs://irc.janouch.name, channel #dev.

Bitcoin donations are accepted at: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9


This software is released under the terms of the 0BSD license, the text of which is included within the package along with the list of authors.