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Build dependencies: a C99 compiler +
Runtime dependencies: Linux or OpenBSD
- $ git clone https://github.com/pjanouch/bfc.git
+ $ git clone https://git.janouch.name/p/bfc.git
$ cd bfc
$ make
@@ -59,11 +59,11 @@ OS-independent binary that can be linked against the libc with the C compiler:
Contributing and Support
-Use this project's GitHub to report any bugs, request features, or submit pull
-requests. If you want to discuss this project, or maybe just hang out with
-the developer, feel free to join me at irc://irc.janouch.name, channel #dev.
+Use https://git.janouch.name/p/bfc to report any bugs, request features,
+or submit pull requests. `git send-email` is tolerated. If you want to discuss
+the project, feel free to join me at ircs://irc.janouch.name, channel #dev.
-Bitcoin donations: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9
+Bitcoin donations are accepted at: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9